About Marvalina


I find my subject matter for my fabrics in abandon and deteriorating spaces.    Because these spaces have been left to crumble on their own, the texture and color created by the passing of time are inexplicably and viscerally stimulating.  They become the raw resources for my bespoke textile collection.

In the studio, I use a paste resist called potato starch dextrin (expansion of rice and corn pastes that have been used for centuries) to express these textures onto cloth.  The organic cracks and wandering lines that this starch resist creates are the closest surface pattern technique I have achieved to represent my findings.  In addition to this starch resist, I am incorporating both hand-painted textiles and shibori techniques.

Expanding on what I have learned the past 18 years as co-owner of Moon Tide Dyers, a handmade and dyed clothing brand, I continue to create everyday wearables for the individual.  The brand Marvalina is my new adventure as an archaeologist of texture and color, capturing the passing of time on cloth using both historical and modern surface design techniques.  Marvalina’s collection consists of garments to wear as well as textiles for your home.